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I couldn’t help but think I had cancer. Cancer is responsible for these pains I’ve been having I told myself. A terminally ill disease. Such strong connotations with the word cancer, I viewed it as a death sentence before even being diagnosed. I was sick and helpless, I had repeating stomach pains daily all throughout the day, for months consistently. I was in a poor state of mind, I was defeated. I cried knowing I didn’t find my purpose in life, a young man, I did not get the chance to offer my mom and sister a better life without struggling to get by. Nothing to leave behind to help get us out of this situation. I even planned a way to have enough money for a funeral if need be, instead of being a burden with a cost of up to 15K just to die.

I wouldn’t spend my money on a hopeless system with a < 2% success rate knowing my family would have to cough up money somehow for a funeral. I’d allocate my money to cover funeral costs.

For months I spent evenings in the doctor’s office, prescribed the same pills & running different tests & even a specialist for the GI tract, they didn’t help and I didn’t want to take the pills long-term, something didn’t sit right with me about medication. Later down the line I would learn it is against my nature. With no help from these pills or my doctor or the specialist & pains becoming increasingly worse in my stomach I started making urgent care visits to the hospital. The thoughts were beginning to become even more negative and worry became heavier as nothing was helping & they could not even find out what was wrong.

How could this have happened? Sure I had a poor diet as a child growing up, lots of processed foods, but I was now having a “balanced diet.” At least I thought, in the eyes of an American and the “Standard American diet.” I would try to keep the fast food to a minimum, drank dairy, had more home cooked meals, “clean” protein like chicken, salmon & eggs, everything in “moderation.” I would also try making smoothies (with dairy) and have vegetable/fruit juices. I was definitely the healthiest of my peers, how come this is happening to me?

At the time I was not educated on gmo’s or even pesticides and other chemicals sprayed on these foods.

With the urgent care visits I started to get my urine examined, stool tested, blood tested. I waited for my results with the thought always in my head that the nurse would return telling me they found something alarmingly wrong and I could possibly have cancer. That wasn’t the case, I went to 3 different urgent cares at hospitals + my first personal doctor & the GI tract specialist. Instead, they would all tell me my urine & stool was fine, all my blood reading levels were all healthy.

So how could this be? On paper my health is exquisite, but in person I was in pain & did not feel healthy.

What I did realize that was alarming about all these doctor visits with these “medical professionals”, they focus on treating symptoms rather than the root to the problem. Not one of these medical professionals in these months spent interacting with them (via various phone calls as well) asked me about my diet, about the foods I have been eating that could have been causing inflammation in my stomach.

The truth is diet is directly correlated to your health.

Diet is not only the food you eat, it is what you think, what you see, what you hear & what you inhale.

All of these factors have an influence on your health physically & through your subconscious. Your mind becomes molded by what you have been indoctrinated to believe which can control the spectrums of your reality.

In my younger days I somehow always knew there had to be a cure for everything subconsciously and consciously, including Hiv/AIDs. I believed everything was chemicals, everywhere we looked including human beings, everything is made of chemicals. So in the case of AIDS for example, I believed there was some sort of mineral that can bind to it with a stronger force than it’s connection to the body and remove it from someone’s body, I believed it was out there it has just not been discovered yet, at least I thought the medical industry was interested in finding cures.

I also always subconsciously believed diet in terms of food at least was directly correlated to our health.

I remember one night after work when I was just 17 years old. I thought I deserved a treat, one of my favorite comfort foods, chili cheese fries from a fast food chain in Los Angeles, Tommy’s.

I seriously loved the taste of this, I thought to myself, “man, I don’t care if I have cancer one day, I will not give this up, I will not give up meat, it is so good.” How did I know terminal diseases could be reversed at such a young age? Something I’ve been through in life must have lead me to that conclusion.

In the western medical ideology, they will tell you there is no such thing as a cure for almost all diseases including Heart Disease & Cancer, the leading causes of death in the U.S. (along with medical errors).

There is also no cure for HIV/AIDS or other viral infections such as herpes.

That is part of the indoctrination, that there is nothing superior to Western Medicine & they don’t even have the cures. You should also feel guilty not donating your money to help search and walk for cures that they will never release.

See, Western Medicine only tries to cover up symptoms by numbing the way you feel but not addressing the root problem. They have people on the same blood pressure medication for over 20 years, did the person ever bother to ask will I have to take these pills for the rest of my life? Is the damage I’ve done to my body irreversible? If these pills are really working when am I going to be able to stop?

Patients unknowingly are ingesting carcinogens into their body that are actually destroying their health and creating more problems while suppressing symptoms.

The “American Healthcare” system, and many other systems like it are not a healthcare system at all. They are a sick care system, sick maintenance if you will, maintaining your symptoms to try and lead a regular life. Cures don’t exist in a world like that.Actual healthcare is a lifestyle change.

So with apparently healthy levels tested on my blood, normal urine and stool, but no fix to my problem, I set out to find a different way to fix my health problems. I would not accept that there is nothing that could be done to change my conditions except regularly ingesting lab made pills. I was tired of my pity party causing me to have negative thoughts and have depressive moods. I was tired of never wanting to leave my home. I began researching online for ways to improve my health. I decided to accept responsibility for the conditions I was in. This is the first time I learned that “everything in moderation” is simply not sustainable for our health.

I stumbled upon an article about a man with natural cures, a man that cured Cancer, diabetes, and various other diseases including AIDS. I was shocked that none of this stuff made the news. Why would something like this be kept a secret?

The man’s name? None other than Dr. Sebi.

Who is Dr. Sebi?

Dr. Sebi is a natural herbalist from Honduras that has successfully cured every ailment known to man from asthma all the way to cancer and even Hiv/AIDS.

Dr. Sebi was able to do this successfully by approaching the root to man’s problems.

Dr. Sebi’s approach to healing is known as the Alkaline Lifestyle – a natural approach to reaching optimal health & bringing the body back to a natural balance by correcting our diet.

Dr. Sebi figured out the problem that creates a sickness with people is we try to eat the diet of every other animal instead of our species specific diet. According to Dr. Sebi, we are C-H-O beings, Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen is what we are mostly made up of.

To support our C-H-O nature, we have to eat foods that are made the same way in nature.

He figured out that C-H-O based foods such as plants and fruits are Alkaline, these are plants and fruits that are naturally occurring in the wild and have an alkalizing effect on the body which reduces inflammation & helps the body regenerate itself when free of obstructions like Parasites, heavy metals, mucus, toxic chemicals and imbalanced hormones.

The alkaline diet created by Dr. Sebi, also known as cell food, electric food or the African BioMineral Balance includes naturally occurring plants in the wild such as veggies, fruits, some seeds, nuts, oils and spices. You can find the complete list to Dr Sebi’s recommended food guide here. Dr. Sebi approved foods also include wild occurring herbs, such as Dandelion for example that will grow almost everywhere and has tremendous amounts of healing properties and benefits. Dr. Sebi believes we should eat foods for their mineral content.

Foods that should be specifically avoided according to Dr. Sebi are meat, fish, chicken, eggs dairy, all animal products, soy in any form, refined oils, refined sugars, gluten, processed foods hybrid foods made by aggressive farming, GMO’s or lab made chemicals & food like substances. These foods are not part of our species specific diet and will eventually cause sickness one way or another, whether it is impotency, blindness, cancer or heart disease depending on where it creates a build up of stagnant mucus.

These foods cause an acidic effect on the body and its’ interstitial fluids which cause mucus to form in the body which in turn robs the body of oxygen and other essential minerals.

Dr. Sebi learned that mucus is behind inflammation and is the root cause of every disease that is first caused by the foods we consume.

  • Asthma – mucus in the lungs.
  • Bronchitis – mucus in the bronchial tubes.
  • Diabetes – mucus in the pancreatic duct.
  • Arthritis – mucus in the joints.
  • Alzheimer’s – mucus in the brains.
  • HIV/AIDS – mucus is in the blood. The mucus membrane has been compromised.

So on and so forth, no matter the disease, there is inflammation and mucus behind that inflammation somewhere in the body that Is causing that sickness. Stagnant mucus that is building up to be clear.

There are only 2 sides to chemistry, Acid and Alkaline.

Although different organs have different PH levels that did not change the fact that we are Alkaline based beings and need foods that support that in order to eliminate sickness.

When thinking if we are either Acid or Alkaline, we need to think in terms of our interstitial fluids which take up most of our body, not our organs. Our main interstitial fluid is called the lymph which needs to remain alkaline, if it becomes acidic it becomes stagnant leading to a build up of mucus . Our other main interstitial fluid is our blood, which also needs to stay slightly Alkaline to keep us alive.

After my independent research on Dr. Sebi’s ideology, I decided to jump in and give the Alkaline Lifestyle a try in pursuit of optimal health.

It definitely was not the easiest thing for me, to jump from the Standard American Diet all the way into an Alkaline Lifestyle – I would be completely changing my diet cold turkey, but I value my health and believed it would be worth giving up the foods I once loved.

I never planned on being full plant-based, I figured after doing a deep cleanse on my body and improving my health I will return to occasionally continue eating fish and chicken once or twice a month, again in “moderation.”

What changed after cleansing myself & repairing my health was that I could not imagine myself putting decaying foods in my body again which in my eyes are considered poison to eventually get us sick to the point of needing to be on medication one day or worse.

Where is Dr. Sebi now?

Unfortunately Dr Sebi went through various troubles towards the end of his life, like the attempt of having his business stolen from him by his ex-wife and daughter.

Dr Sebi was also arrested in Honduras allegedly for carrying a large amount of cash at an airport although he had legitimate businesses. He was not given the option to post bail, he was not even given a trial or trial date but was held in custody for months. While being held in jail Dr Sebi unfortunately passed allegedly of pneumonia in his early 80’s in 2016. This is being investigated for foul play being involved which I believe may have been the case.

Everything I researched on Dr Sebi aligned with myself.

With my subconscious knowing that somewhere lies a reversal for every disease, subconsciously knowing as a teen what we eat is directly correlated to our health & terminal illnesses could be reversed, I knew I found my calling. I decided I will help people heal themselves through diet and natural herbs like I helped myself improve my own health. I will help spread the ideology of the late Dr Sebi (Alfredo Bowman).

That is why I created Alkaline Organics! To help individuals improve their health. We provide natural herbs and compounds all inspired by Dr Sebi. We do not use any hybrid herbs and we only use herbs which are wildcrafted or organic. We do not use herbs that were sprayed by pesticides or weed killers, we do not use any preservatives or fillers. The herbs we decided to use are all approved by Dr Sebi. We use a vegetable capsule for our herbs so they are vegan!

How can you start to improve your health?

Here are a couple of things to focus on:

  • The most important key to good health is a clean colon, after all, the food we eat is what creates our conditions. With the Standard American Diet we can have upwards of 10-25lbs of impacted fecal matter stuck in our colon which causes problems for the rest of our health.
  • Eliminating foods that do not support our health is vital for a lifestyle change but can be very hard. We have years of built up habits with our eating pattern. The cheat code to breaking food addictions that are harming us is a parasite cleanse. Parasites are responsible for our cravings and can effect mood and thoughts.
  • Adrenal Glands, Kidneys & Lymphatic System: Adrenal Glands are responsible for our metabolism and control our kidneys. The adrenal glands sit on top of our kidneys. When our adrenals are not functioning properly, our kidneys are not functioning properly. Improperly functioning kidneys, a result of a diet which is too acidic, causes lymph to become stagnant and backed up. We can use herbs and fruits to cleanse our kidneys and get them filtering again. The best fruits for cleaning lymph are sub-acid fruits. The Lymphatic system is extremely vital to keep flowing properly, once stagnant, diseases begin to manifest.
  • Blood is free of toxins.
  • Excess mucus is removed from the body.
  • Remove heavy metals from the body.
  • Proper hydration through fruit and water.

Our Starter’s Cleansing Package was crafted with you in mind, to help transition to a sustainable Alkaline Lifestyle and help with the vital key points to improve your health above.

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