How To Properly Cleanse Your Body — Why Should We Even Detox ?

How To Properly Cleanse Your Body — Why Should We Even Detox ?

What does it mean to detox?

Detoxing is the elimination of toxins in the body. These toxins can be variation of toxic heavy metals, radiation, inflammation, mucus build up, parasites, free radicals, cellular waste & pathogens.

Is detoxing necessary? Absolutely.

Today it is extremely hard to avoid toxins throughout our day. We’re constantly exposed to toxins in our drinking water, in our food supply & sometimes even with the air we breathe due to poor air quality in major cities or pollution.

The standard American diet is full of inflammatory foods & processed foods like fast food, fried foods or most boxed “foods” in grocery stores are filled with heavy metals, genetically modified & synthetic chemicals all unrecognizable to the human body.

The Problem with the Standard American Diet | Warrior Made

It is extremely convenient to find these “foods” because they are all over the place, gas stations, liquor stores. They’re also extremely addictive, PURPOSELY.

Additionally, most of us were raised on foods like these or even refined sugars & refined oils.

This caused a lot of stress on our body & organs, this is why diseases are so prevalent & disease rates continue to skyrocket.

It’s truly an unlabeled epidemic & the causes are clear.

The more we stray from our natural diet, the more disease & life threatening conditions we will develop.

I like to use quotation marks like that on “foods” because this isn’t real food.

These are food like substances. There’s no nutritional value in these things and they shouldn’t be consumed.

17 processed foods to avoid - BodyNutrition

One wonders HOW THE HELL they even came up with some of these ingredients in the first place? I mean seriously some of these “natural flavors” are derived from rodents. It’s disgusting.

The only logical explanation is to deliberately compromise our health, effecting our dna strands & putting stress on our organs. These foods are also messing with our hormones & can make us sterile.

Aren’t our organs strong enough to detox these items out of our body naturally?

Yes, our organs are extremely powerful, and they’re capable of naturally detoxing toxins without our help.

The problem is we have an extreme overload of toxins, especially those of us that grew up on foods like these, we have extreme damage to our organs.

Additionally, due to a diet high in foods like these, a system in our body called the Lymphatic system can become stagnant.

Especially those of us who haven’t made a conscious decision to stop putting things like this in our body.

The Lymphatic system is responsible for transporting cellular waste or toxins through our your body to be exported out.


When it becomes stagnant, toxins don’t reach your organs to be processed.

Other ways these toxic ingredients are effecting our body:

•Compromising immunity

•Altering gut bacteria

•Mental health & thought process

•Bone & Artery Deterioration

•Skin blemishes

•Hair Loss

•Tumors & Cancer

•Heart Disease


•High Blood Pressure

•High Cholesterol


What are some ways we can reduce our exposure to toxins?

Say no to:

•Fast foods

•Processed foods

•Fast food

•Refined Sugar

•Hydrogenated Oils



•Drink clean water

My choice of water is either spring water or distilled. Never drink tap water, American drinking water may be one of the most toxic.

Purified vs Spring Water vs Distilled vs Filtered Water - Filters &  Purifiers

They have been found to contain toxic waste products like fluoride & even pharmaceutical chemicals.

I like to stay away from anything that may alter my natural food.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

How can we cleanse our body, rebuild our organs, tissues, & cleanse ourselves of toxins?

There are many different methods of cleansing the body.


•Intermittent Fasting

•Juice Fasting

•Dry Fasting

The important thing to understand, is the body is self healing. It is much more powerful than we have been lead to believe.

It can regenerate cells to rebuild & repair itself to reverse disease & improve your health.

We can even rebuild our immune system.

In order for our body to regenerate & heal itself, we have to create the correct environment.

Creating the right environment includes reducing our exposure to toxins & eliminating waste from our body.

Some areas to focus on are:

•Hydration through fruit & water on a cellular level.
•Focus on opening up our channels of waste elimination

•Increasing oxygen concentration in the body.
•Restoring the digestive system
•Lymphatic Circulation
•Replenish with an abundance of minerals from plants. (Herbs)
•Get adequate rest
•Spend time in the sun

I’m going to talk to you about my favorite method of cleansing. Juice fasting.

Juice Cleanses to Try or DIY — Plus Two Juice Recipes - Brit + Co

In this method, I abstain from animal products, alcohol, gluten, processed foods, synthetic sweeteners or refined sugar. Basically anything I mentioned about reducing exposure (I don’t do these things anyway but I want to emphasize for the people that do, that this isn’t recommended during a cleanse.)

I drink about a gallon of water daily.

My preference is either spring or distilled.

When I wake up I drink water, take my herbs & make some cold pressed juices for the day.

-herbs I use during every cleanse are our Daily Greens, Nature’s Iron, Sea Moss & Bladderwrack & Lymphatic Flush formulas.

It is important to use herbs that cleanse the body, remove waste & provide an abundance of essential minerals. This helps us control our hunger as well.

Herbs also help us address our cellular weakness, for example your kidney might be a problem area for you or lungs, etc. (By the way all of our herbal formulas are compatible)

A great juice for hydration & cleansing the body, one of my personal favorites:


Feel free to mix it up with cilantro, kale or other greens you enjoy.

The type of juicer I recommend you use is a cold pressed / slow masticating juicer.

You can make this juice in bulk to last you a couple days and store them in mason jars.

I usually drink about 32oz through out each day.

If you aren’t comfortable with going on a juice fast, you don’t have to. Do what you’re comfortable with, you can intermittently juice fast and eat a plant based meal at the end of your day.

You can also just eat a plant based diet & incorporate cold pressed juicing & powerful herbs to help support you.

How to Eat More Vegetables - Plant Based Diet

Eating a plant based whole diet is cleansing as well, just not as powerful as going on a fast of some type.

Another method some of my clients use is this formula while cleansing:


1. 16 oz of water & take your Alkaline Organics mineral supporting herbal capsules together

  1. Drink a 16oz cold pressed juice
  2. Make a fruit bowl for Break - fast
  3. Lunch - a smoothie of fruits

Eat a plant based meal for dinner.

Feel free to eat plant based snacks in between like hummus and veggies, or guacamole & cucumber slices, or even just fruit, more smoothies etc.

During a cleanse like this it is usually with people newer to cleansing and I don’t want people limiting theirselves at all. Eat until you are satisfied just make sure it is healthy options.

The point of this is to build better habits while supporting your body with minerals from foods.

Remember to hydrate with cold pressed juices & water throughout the day as well!

Be patient with yourself, you can't expect to detox & repair your body in 1 month after spending years if not decades tearing your body apart with unhealthy habits.

What herbs should I start with & use during a cleanse?

The most important area to target first is the digestive system. The digestive system is where problems start or where healing starts.

We offer a Gut Restoration Bundle which includes a Colon Cleanse & Parasite Cleanse.

This bundle focuses on eliminating accumulated waste in the colon, correcting gut bacteria, eliminating parasitic infections, combatting candida, weight loss & inflammation.

We also have an Immune Boost Bundle which focuses a little more on the Lymphatic system & immunity, & our Total Body Cleanse which you can compare between each other.

You may also browse all of our products here for daily mineral support or cleanses.

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