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Top 5 Plant Roots To Help Keep Your Health Well Grounded.

What do burdock, fennel, dandelion root and ginger all have in common? And are there other roots out there that we can consume for their positive health benefits that aren’t as obvious as the rest?

Why Bladderwrack Is Good For You.

Bladderwrack, not to be confused with bladderwort, is a type of kelp with medicinal qualities that are said to improve thyroid health, metabolism, bone strength, vision, and more. Bladderwort, on the other hand, are dried leaves used to make tea that treats urinary tract disorders and infections.

The Benefits & Side Effects Of A Parasite Cleanse

Basically, a parasite is a tiny organism that lives inside of a larger organism, and feeds off of the nutrients that the larger organism ingests. So, whenever you eat a nice, big nutritious meal, the parasites inside your body will enjoy the vitamins and minerals from that meal, just like...

How To Live An Alkaline Lifestyle

In our previous articles, we’ve covered the health benefits of the alkaline diet, as well as the benefits of specific alkaline foods, such as sea moss and soursop and how you can integrate them into your diet. Now, we’re going to take everything you learned from those previous articles and...

What Are Soursop Leaves?

Not only is soursop tasty, it’s packed full of nutrients that are known to reduce inflammation, promote healthy digestion, fight infections, lower blood pressure, increase metabolism, and much more. Plus, the leaves of the soursop fruit make a delicious tea.

The Benefits Of Sea Moss

Whether you’re following the alkaline diet or just want to improve your immunity to illness and diseases, sea moss offers a variety of health benefits, and is consumable in a variety of forms.

How To Cleanse Your Body With The Alkaline Diet

Here in the USA, we are inundated with diets that don’t have our best interests in mind. Our meals are often filled with excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and saturated fat, which our bodies quickly (and easily) translate to unattractive and inhibiting body fat.

How To Properly Cleanse Your Body — Why Should We Even Detox ?

Detoxing is the elimination of toxins in the body. These toxins can be variation of toxic heavy metals, radiation, inflammation, mucus build up, parasites, free radicals, cellular waste & pathogens.