Presenting The All New Alkaline Organics!

The same people and products you love except we just got bigger and better!

It has been a long year for us and we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have without the support of our awesome customers purchasing our products.

We reinvested back into the business ahead of 2020 and developed a new website designed to give everyone an improved shopping experience. We are most proud of our new blog where we will be begin sharing alkaline inspired recipes!

We are also happy to announce we moved fulfillment centers closer to our manufacturer (putting herbs in capsules)  this way we will be able to ship products as fast as we make them now!

Our quality of service is important to us and these massive changes have been a recent ordeal for us, if you ordered between November 1st and 25th we appreciate your continued patience and are resolving all outstanding issues as we get ready for the holiday season.

Time flies! It’s already November 26th!

Many of you who follow us know what today is.

Dr. Sebi born November 26, 1933 was a pioneer herbalist, naturalist and dietitian who made the distinct connections between mucus, our modern diets and chronic diseases.

He advocated for the consumption of the most powerful basic nutritional compounds found on Earth edible by humans such soursop leaves and algae like Sea moss And Bladderwrack

He may have passed away but his powerful herbal combinations will continue to give us all life for years to come.

We as a company would not exist today if it wasn’t for his evangelistic preaching’s and lectures that we witnessed change so many lives.

His legacy will be debated in the future for years to come but the results these herbs have on our bodies will not.

We extend our hearts and prayers today to the friends and family of Dr. Sebi and in commemoration of the belated doctors birthday we are opening our Black Friday sale early!

Offerring a site-wide sale across all our categories of products! Visit www.AlkalineOrganics.com

See you at check-out!

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