How To Cleanse Your Colon Overnight

We all follow routines for maintaining good health. Whether we wash our hands before every meal, shower once a day, brush our teeth twice a day, or go for a long jog once a week, we all practice good health for one reason:

It makes us feel good.

Good as in healthy, productive, sociable, and better able to enjoy the day-to-day experience of living. These are all incredible benefits of following simple routines. And it’s important that those routines are simple, because simple routines are easy to sustain (read more about sustainable routines in this article about the alkaline lifestyle).  

In this article we’ll be discussing another simple routine you should consider following, because its effects on your health could be substantial.

Overnight Colon Cleanse

The overnight colon cleanse is a method of purging waste from your colon, or accelerating the passing of waste through your colon when progress is slow. In either case, an overnight colon cleanse will reduce feelings of bloating, as well as your risk of colon cancer, and it will prevent irregular bowel movements.

A  common sign that you may be due for an overnight colon cleanse is regular constipation (or irregular bowel movements in general), from which approximately 15% of Americans suffer. Regular recurrence of these digestive issues can overwork your colon, making its job - to eliminate waste from your large intestine - overly difficult. Eventually, your colon may struggle to eliminate all that waste, and its failure to do so can lead to a build-up of said waste inside your large intestine.

Build-up around the colon can prevent the colon from performing essential functions efficiently (or at all, in severe cases). Besides eliminating waste, those functions include extracting salt and water from waste before excreting it, maintaining pH levels, and fighting against harmful bacteria. An inefficient colon, hindered by waste build-up, can cause serious health issues, such as heart disease, as well as skin allergies and gallbladder stones.

An easy way to prevent build-up, and thus potential health issues, is to cleanse your colon.

Methods for Colon Cleansing

There are many ways to cleanse your colon, so here are several common methods to try out. We’ll begin with the simplest method of colon cleansing - drinking water.

Plain Water

You should be drinking water frequently, every day. All it takes is 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to support your colon’s health, and you can get water from fruits such as watermelons. There’s really not a whole lot to say except drink water!


For more immediate relief from bloating or constipation, try adding 2 tablespoons of sea salt to your plain water. Drinking this salty water will force your body to eliminate waste (make sure there’s a bathroom nearby) during what is commonly called a “saltwater flush.” A saltwater flush is particularly effective for an overnight colon cleanse, since the salt will gradually dissolve in your body as your sleep. The next morning, drink more saltwater to ensure the toxins, which have have been produced by build-up around your colon, are purged from your large intestine.


For a tastier, more relaxing method of cleansing your colon, try herbal tea with natural laxatives. Some common laxatives in tea are Aloe Vera, marshmallow root, slippery elm, and psyllium, all of which can help with constipation. Additional ingredients like garlic, ginger, and cayenne peppers, can enhance the tea’s cleansing ability, since they contain antimicrobial phytochemicals that suppress bad bacteria. Some teas, such as Chrysanthemum tea have even been used to help fight cancer.


Another option, which also happens to be rich in vitamins and minerals, is to make a fruit smoothie. Fruit smoothies are not only delicious and hydrating, they also provide your body the nutrients it needs to maintain regular functioning. One nutrient - vitamin C - supposedly has cleansing properties, making a pineapple-mango smoothie with almonds and spinach (foods that are high in vitamin C) an excellent choice for an overnight colon cleanse. Another reason a fruit smoothie is effective at cleansing is because it retains the pulp and skin of the fruits after blending (unlike fruit juice), and the pulpe and skin is high in fiber, which is also great for the colon.

For effective cleansing, it is recommending that you start by drinking only smoothies for a day. This will effectively initiate the cleansing process by boosting you with vitamin C and giving your body time to digest any remaining solid food. On top of feeling less bloated, you may notice your skin color change to a healthier-looking tone, giving you a sort of glow.

Coffee Enema

Perhaps the most effective method for an overnight colon cleanse is the much discussed coffee enema. A coffee enema is a highly efficient way of cleansing the colon, since the medicine (coffee in this case) is applied more directly, and more quickly, to the colon area. The goal is to encourage your liver to rid itself of bile, via coffee absorption. Specifically, the coffee will be absorbed into your hemorrhoid veins, as well as your portal vein, to kickstart your liver’s cleansing procedures. Those procedures, in turn, will cleanse your colon.

An easy way to prepare a coffee enema is to add 3 tablespoons of organic coffee (the strongest you can get) to 2 liters of boiling distilled water. Allow the coffee to boil for about 3 minutes, then allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes. Once the coffee has reached body temperature, strain and inject it. Then just wait 10 to 15 minutes for the coffee to do its job!

Colon Cleanse Capsules

Colon Cleanse Capsules are a great dietary supplement to help cleanse your colon. Simply take three capsules in the morning, and they'll clear all decaying and undigested food from your gastrointestinal tract.

Colon Cleanse Capsules are made up of a mixture of all-natural herbs such as rhubarb root, prodijosa, cascara sagrada, cuachalalate and ginger.


Hopefully, you’ve learned some useful tips for how include an overnight colon cleanse among you health routines.

Every day, we wash our hands, brush our teeth, shower, and more to ensure we feel happy and healthy. Our colons, just like our hands, teeth, and the rest of our body, is another part of us worth maintaining on a daily basis. In fact, the consequences of not maintaining your colon can be far more dangerous than the above-mentioned body parts.

So do yourself a favor, and take care of your colon with an overnight cleanse.

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